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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Lehto is a wonderful doctor. I suffer from chronic migraines and have tried numerous therapies over the years - everything from conventional pharmaceuticals to various alternative treatments. Dr. Lehto recommended cupping for me, as I had not tried that yet. My chiropractor also recently recommended I try cupping, so I decided to give it a go. Dr. Lehto made my first time experience with this therapy so relaxing and comfortable. She walked me through the entire process both before and during the session, which really eased my anxiety. Dr. Lehto went above and beyond to ensure I was totally relaxed and in a space of healing from start to finish. Her office space was warm and soothing, the tea she prepared was calming, and her technique was very professional and skilled. I left the appointment in less pain and have been pain-free over the past few days since my first session, which is a huge improvement for me! I couldn't be more relieved or appreciative. Dr. Lehto is compassionate, attentive to detail, and committed to the well being of her patients. She also has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh - which is incredibly therapeutic in itself. I am so grateful to Dr. Lehto and am excited to continue working with her on my health journey. -ma

Back Pain

Dr. Lehto is truly amazing! She has helped me with many nagging issues from sleep issues, knotted muscles (that I've had for years), and stress management. She has become my medical partner in self-care through the use of all natural methods. She is incredibly professional but personable and friendly and genuinely wants to get to know you. She is thorough when determining root causes of your issues and provides multiple resolution options so you may choose the one most comfortable for you. The attribute I appreciate most is her dedication to SOLVING the issue, not simply treating symptoms or masking the issues with medications. -KJPWould recommend: Yes

Herbal Medicine

Dr. Lehto has addressed multiple issues for my family over the years: IBS, ADHD, food allergies, dementia and overall wellness. We always leave her office feeling better, not only because of her treatment, but also because she is just a delightful person. She truly cares about her patients, listens to them and prescribes natural treatments that work. She treated my daughter for food allergies about 8 years ago, which was life changing for her - no more stomach pain and migraines from food her body had a hard time tolerating.My mother saw her recently, mainly for dementia. Her treatment doesn’t cure dementia, but the tea blend she made, the vitamins she prescribed, and her lifestyle recommendations have made an obvious difference in my mom’s conditions.My nieces and nephews have used her as well because of the results they have seen in our family.Most recently, I tried her B12 shot. I feel it makes a big difference in my energy level and mental clarity. Because of all of our COVID cases at work lately, I requested a « super boost » vitamin injection. So far, I feel amazing!-Would recommend: Yes

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